Caldas da Rainha

Founded in 1485 by the Queen D. Leonor, the Caldas da Rainha Thermal Hospital is the oldest in the world, with five centuries of existence. In the 15th Century (1485), Queen D. Leonor founds a bathing establishment and a thermal hospital, Caldas da Rainha.

According to history, in 1484, D. João II's wife was on her way to Batalha and, as she passed by the place where the Caldas were to rise, she saw some poor men in the "warm waters that came out of the fountain". When she wanted to satisfy her curiosity, she was told that they were ill with "coldness" and that in those waters they would find the cure for their sufferings. Then, D. Leonor decided to create better conditions for the users of those waters.

The pavilion of the thermal hospital, built in the late 19th century, with its tall windows, is a fine example of the thermal architecture.

thermal season:

Open all year

(Currently the Thermal Hospital is closed for the improvement of the infrastructures)

characteristics of the water:

Total mineralization: hypersaline
Ionic composition: sulfurous, chlorinated sodium
Water PH: 6.7
Water Temperature: 35º

Respiratory system

Sinusitis | Chronic rhinitis | Chronic laryngitis | Bronchial asthma | Chronic | Hypertrophic and Atrophic bronchitis

Rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders

Arthrosis | Inflammatory rheumatism | Gout | Post-traumatic conditions

SPA THEcniques:

  • Simple and air bubble immersion baths | Hand shower | Foot shower
    Vichy shower | Nasal shower or nasal irrigation
    Pharyngeal spraying | Individual nebulization

    Simple and sonic aerosols

Hospital Termal Rainha D. Leonor

Centro Hospitalar das Caldas da Rainha

Largo Rainha Dona Leonor

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