Termas da Curia

The property is made up of a fenced area of about 14 hectares, where we can find the Termas da Curia (Bath House and a Buvette), the Hotel das Termas - Curia and the Termas da Curia Park.

Open all year round, the Termas da Curia has the singularity of its Buvette Art Deco style, where you can drink the thermal water. The Termas da Curia thermal centre provides guests with treatments related to health problems, but it also has alternatives to those who wish to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the thermal waters in programs of Spa, anti-stress, slimming or simply to rest.

During your stay, do not forget to savor the gastronomy and wines of the region, visit the Bairrada region and enjoy the Curia Golf Course.

Thermal season:

Open all year

characteristics of the water:

The mineral-medicinal waters of the Termas da Curia are of sulphated calcium and magnesium nature.

Total mineralization: Hypersaline, ±1,900mg/L
Ionic composition: sulphate, calcium and magnesium
Water Temperature: 19ºC
Water PH: 7.2

Metabolic and endocrinal disorders

Kidneys and urinary system

Circulatory system

Rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders

To rest and take care of your well-being combining the traditional with the modern and the properties of the thermal waters used in the SPA programs. Get to know the anti-stress, relaxation, weight-loss and nutrition programs in detail.

Wellness programmes

  • Day Spa | Spa & Golfe | Spa & Relax

    Pause for your health | Pause for your health & Aesthetics

    Spa & Beauty | Anticellulite | Beauty & Rejuvenation

    Wellness & Beauty | Spa & Anti-Stress | Wellness & Health

    Spa & Weight Loss | Health & Nutrition

    Give Health to Your Health

Complementary techniques

  • Electrotherapy

    (humid heats, cervical and lumbar traction, ultrasound, short waves, micro waves, ultraviolet, infrared, dynamic currents, simple pressotherapy or with lymphatic drainage massage)


    (general and partial relaxation, muscle toning massage, geothermal massage)

    Fitness Center

    (face treatment, body treatment and depilation)

In the Spa building the is a Buvette for drinking the water.
The mineral-medicinal waters of the Termas da Curia are of calcium and magnesium sulphate nature and are especially indicated in the treatment of diseases and their pathologies.

Spa techniques

  • Oral water ingestion | Hidrotherapy - Immersion baths

    Hydromassage | Showers (scottish, jet, vichy)

    Rehabilitation pool | Underwater pool therapy

Termas da Curia Spa Resort

Anadia, Centro

3780-514 Tamengos

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Email: termas@termasdacuria.com

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Thermal season:

Open all year

opening times:

Every day:

From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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